Our Clientile:

Mayur Platers is well known amongst its clients for quality, consistency and service. We enjoy the credentials of being the most technically sound electroplater from our clients. Our success, in large part, has been based on a business philosophy that values latest hi-tech processes, world class service at competitive prices, and long-term customer relationships.

Our Key Clients:

Other Clients:

  • Tapeshwari Engineering- Diamond M/C Manufacturer
  • Sidhpura Engineering- Diamond M/C Manufacturer
  • Bhayani Engineering- Diamond M/C Manufacturer
  • Tapeshwari Mechanical-Diamond M/C Manufacturer
  • Lexus SoftMac-Diamond M/C Manufacturer
  • Vishal Engineering(Navsari)-Diamond M/C Manufacturer
  • Prince Metal Industry-Brass Cock Manufacturer
  • Jyoti Engineering-Barber chair Manufacturer
  • Textile Engineering Industries(Udhna)-Textile M/C Manufacturer
  • Narayan-Manufacturer of oil and Gas Burner
  • Mahesh Brass-'Amit' Brass Cock Manufacturer
  • King Metal Industry-'King' Brass Cock Manufacturer
  • M M Esmailji-Scale & Weight Manufacturer
  • D.S. Topiwala-Folding M/C Manufacturer
  • P.T.C. TradeLink-Brass Pin Bar Manufacturer
  • Nitin Product-Diamond Sieve Manufacturer
  • Digvijay Engineering(Navsari)-Folding M/C Manufacturer